SAFcomm® is fully focused on providing a quality and secure service to our Clients and their Contractors. To prove our dedication to this we have established business objectives in line with the quality standard ISO9000 and conduct monthly internal audits on our processes.


Risk Management Institute of Australia - Corporate Member
Safety Institute of Australia - Corporate Member

SAFcomm works in line with ISO 14001, formally accredited, but due to the nature of our business made the decision to simply operate in line with the ISO. We have environmental targets of zero general rubbish leaving our office and we have achieved that with 100% recycling of office general waste.

Paperless - Currently SAFcomm uses recycled paper only and in 2012 we are taking the step of our contractors processes becoming paperless. The first step is all faxes are electronically emailed, rather than a paper based fax machine. February 2013 we will commence further initiatives.

SAFcomm Environmental Policy
Our continuous improvement is through your feedback so please contact us with any information that will help improve the service we offer
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