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The SAFcomm® management service has been specially designed to assist you in identifying all areas of compliance needed to suit your industry and working relationship with your Contractors and Suppliers. We work closely with you and provide assistance tools to help classify your contractor risk and establish compliance criteria for each contractor.

We work with you and your Contractors to meet objectives

As businesses expand the number of contractors in their workplaces, the risk exposure increases in many cases without the management methods developing correspondingly to deal with the risk.

By becoming a client of SAFcomm® your company not only benefits from our uniquely developed Contractor Compliance Management Service but also, demonstrates a proactive attitude to your customers, staff and contractors alike and shows your ongoing commitment to reduced risk in the work place.
Are you identifying your risk and managing your contractors compliance efficiently?

You need to ask the critical questions:
  1. Do we have access to all contractor compliance data 24/7?
  2. Are our contractors compliant with legislation & company standards?
  3. How do we identify high risk areas that need assistance?
  4. How do we effectively reduce the risk from our contractor relationships?
  5. How do you pre-qualify contractors to ensure compliance?
  6. How do we obtain, verify contractor insurance information?
  7. How do we manage the on-going compliance of our contractors?
  8. How do we work with our contractors to build and improve on safety and compliance performance
With SAFcomm® you will have accurate and timely answers to all these important questions and more importantly effective tools to address the issues. The result will be reduced business risk due to increased management efficiency and higher contractor compliance.

Benefits of working with SAFcomm®

Some of the many advantages to your business by becoming a SAFcomm® client are:
Secure access to contractor information at anytime
View current contractor compliance status
View all Contractor documentation on-line e.g. Certificates of Insurance, Safety Policies and Procedures
Run compliance reports on contractors
Reduce your business administration costs
Free your managers to develop a more hands on relationship with your contractors
Meet legal requirements for your contractor management
Minimise operational risk and improve business performance
Be up to date with contractor compliance through notification of change
Simplified collection of information
Independent verification of insurance
Information constantly updated
Document management and digital archiving
Case Examples from Clients
One client immediately reduced administrative costs, to the value of $50,000 from the first phase of implementing the service. This value was based on the human resources needed to internally manage their contractors - the resource was then allocated to more intensive contractor HSE management.

Another client identified some high risk contractors without adequate insurance cover which could have cost the company many millions of dollars. Of this client 9% of their medium to low risk contractors had inadeqaute or no insurance.

All clients have found the process helpful in re-organising contractors with skills in specific areas and therationalising of all old contractor records. This enabled them to speed up the procurement process and eliminate any redundant contractors still listed.

Many clients benefited from being able to see the status of contractor compliance at all times through the change notification system, so there has been a reduced level of utilising the services of non-compliant contractors.
Access to all your critical information in one location
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