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SAFcomm® is a fully managed contractor compliance service focused on meeting the needs of our Clients, their contractors and suppliers. Our service has been specifically designed to address many of the issues facing companies in today’s competitive market.

SAFcomm® aims to work with you by taking the partnership approach. Like a business partner we take the time to listen to your needs and understand your overall business objectives to develop a strategy specifically suited to you.

Our service is about working with you to understand and meet your business needs and objectives
SAFcomm® came about based on the contractor management challenges faced by the Directors as part of their day to day roles in Senior Management and consulting positions in varied industries including mining, civil and heavy construction.
Some of these challenges where:
Growth in the number of regulatory compliance issues
Leaner employee numbers and services increased
Financial pressures from insurance markets
Increases in litigation
Increased use of contractors for services
This combined with advances in many industries have seen mammoth changes to work environments and personnel systems; however organisational support structures and resources have not been able to keep pace due to business or budgetary constraints.

Mischelle , Peter and Hugh all have backgrounds in OH&S, maintenance and risk management and have experienced many of these contractor risk management challenges head on, which lead to creating a solution to many of these problems.

The Directors of SAFcomm® then made the decision to begin providing services to industry to assist in the administrative aspects in the risk management of contractors to allow our Clients to focus on their core business and to further improve their contractor relations.

Advances in our industries have seen mammoth changes to work environments and personnel systems; however organisational support systems and resource needs have not kept pace with these changes.

SAFcomm® now offers a service that can help you to address many of your current contractor risk management issues, by offering the resources to address the administrative issues relating to contractor compliance management.
Mission Statement

It is our mission to be the premier provider of specialised contractor compliance management services to our clients and our members. As a team we will achieve this through continuous improvement, use of advanced technology and the further development of our alliance partners to allow us to provide and maintain a full quality service.

Today’s environment demands effective contractor management
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