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Today’s environment demands effective contractor management
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Who approves the acceptance of the supplier/contractor

You do. The Client has the final approval of the contractor/supplier
Are safety plans reviewed by us (the Client) before approval
Yes, it is essential the Client is the only party that approves the plan, as the Client can identify any specific needs that may need to be addressed.
Can the system be expanded beyond the HSE compliance Yes, the system is a simple tool which can be added to on request and a written quote will be given.
Is an email sent to our contact person if a contractor becomes non-complaint
Yes, all compliance related changes will trigger an email to your contact person and the contractor will also be notified.
Is it possible to override the green light if a contractor’s site performance is not to operating standard? Yes, a discretionary override can be provided to you, however the authority and rules need to be well defined and notifications are required, and SAFcomm® is the only party who can actually override the system.
What is the main benefit of using SAFcomm®? Simplifies the administrative role of contractor management, allows a third party verification and frees up time for a more pro-active management role
How do we know at any time which contractor has already registered? You can log in at any time and look up the name of the contractor by name or industry. Also when the contractor first becomes compliant you will be sent an email confirmation.
Can I get reports and copies of documentation that is recorded?
Yes, All compliance data recorded is available for printing by one of your authorised people.
Does the system use any special software?
No, The system in on-line and uses a simple format very similar to electronic banking.
How secure is the system?
The system is held on a secure server (mirrored) with a back up facility and has 128SSL encryption to protect you and your contractor.
Does SAFcomm® audit each contractor? No, SAFcomm® collects, maintains, stores HSE and training details and verifies insurance information supplied by the contractor. If clients require audits to a standard (eg AS:4801 etc) we can arrange this billable service through an alliance partner.
How accessible is the system?
You will have access to the system via the web portal 24/7
Do the insurance checks include wording and exclusions, etc.
No, we validate policy dates, policy limits and basic cover. Wording inclusions/exclusions etc need to be checked by you or your legal council, risk managers or brokers, etc.
Can the systems be modified to suit our specific needs?
Yes, if the modifications are extensive we will provide you with a written quote, although the existing system has extensive criteria which most Clients find more than adequately cover their needs.
Can anybody access the contractor details? No, only authorised people have access to the system via a login and password.
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