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Contractor Questions
We work with you to assist in meeting compliance by offering an extensive range of business tools in our exclusive resource centre
Common Questions Answers
Can I use the compliance certificate for multi clients/customers?
Yes, you can use your certification with any SAFcomm® client, although the client must list you as a preferred supplier to get you on their list
What happens if I have differing compliance requirements between clients/customers?
We will adjust your certificate to reflect the additional requirements at no additional cost to you, although you may be required to submit further information
Do I have to pay registration fees for each client that uses the system?
No, Once you have registered on the system your details are portable and can be used from client to client (if approved by yourself)
What do I get for the fee I pay? Some of the benefits for registering are as follows;







Preferred contractor status with your client.
Some of your key due diligence requirements to operate a business are being monitored for you.
You do not need to worry about expiry dates for different requirements. We will notify you and the client prior to any lapse in cover or re-verification
Meets client contract requirements.
You will have access to a full resource centre loaded with many useful resource tools to assist your business development.
Detailed reports provide a professional summary of your business reflecting a professional image of your company. (Excellent for attracting new work or complying with tender documentation.)
Information is portable and can be used with other clients using the system (if approved by you)
Your company’s risk exposure is reduced.
Will demonstrate a level of due diligence to your insurance brokers.
The cost is competitive to what you would internally pay to do so yourself. However we look after the updates and monitoring and tracking.
Aon Insurance services are one of our strategic partners and can provide contractors valuable insurance services and advice.
How does being compliant help my business?
• It reduces the cost of tendering as all your safety information is pre-verified
• You receive reminders of pending renewals, allowing you to focus on YOUR business
• You receive a discount on all third party products listed in the resource centre
How do I register information?
Details are entered directly into the system via a web portal. The web location is noted in your letter.
How accessible is the system?
You will have access to the system via the web portal 24/7, but once you have already submitted all your information the only portion you can edit is the training and contact details.
How secure is the system? The system is held on a secure server (mirrored) with a back up facility and has 128SSL encryption to protect you and your contractor.
Can any body access my details?
No, only authorised people (you, your Clients and SAFcomm®) have access to the system via a login and password. NO OTHER party can see your information without your authority.
How long does it take to register or update information? Time is dependant on how quick the compliance details are provided to us; once all details and requirements are met and verification is completed, approvals are updated in the system and an email will be sent out and the details on the system are instantly available.
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