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It has become clear that increased competitiveness in our industries have seen a rapid transformation to work environments to include an increased level of outsourced personnel and skills.

Out-sourcing can have a positive result on cost savings and flexibility of skills, although if managed poorly can have a negative effect on the quality of work, OH&S performance and company reputation.

SAFcomm® allows you to take a more hands on, proactive approach to your contractors and further build solid working relationships.
The concept is simple, we collect all the required information, we verify all insurance, consult with you on compliance, then all information is loaded in the database for your approval and viewing and we manage the on-going compliance through our notification of change system.
SAFcomm® collects and manages contractor compliance requirements including but not limited to:
Insurance verification We contact the insurance provider to ensure the accuracy of the insurance certificate submitted
Safety practices Using an extensive safety questionnaire
HSE Documentation We load all copies of your contractor's HSE documentation
Safety performance Historical data is loaded by the contractor for your viewing
Licensing We record all licensing information and renewal dates and upload all copies of licence's submitted
Training We record all training records and renewal dates and upload all copies of training certificates or tickets provided.
Other client specific criteria We can collect any information that may be specific to your industry or your needs.
Today’s environment demands effective contractor management
Insurance verification SAFcomm® will physically verify all insurances with providers of each and every contractor you have registered. The contractor will not be passed as compliant until verification is completed and all insurances are valid. Contractor’s insurance certificates will be scanned and stored for your access. You simply search for your contractor in the system and view the details.
Safety practices SAFcomm® has developed an extensive HSE questionnaire which is designed to collect information on all relevant HSE practices. The questionnaire works as a guide to identify any area that may need improvement to allow you to work with your contractor on improving their safety practices.
HSE Documentation As part of the HSE questionnaire the contractor is asked to submit supporting documentation for all HSE practices. These documents are formatted to suit on-line viewing and uploaded into the relevant section of the system.
Safety performance During the implementation phase we establish all the criteria that you will require and during the contractor registration process we check the criteria against the contractor's information and submit all collected data back to you for approval.
Licensing As part of the HSE questionnaire the contractor is asked to provide all licensing and certification associated with their company and submit copies of any relevant certificates.
Training Training and Induction records are recorded within the system for individuals within the Contractors company. These records include expiration date which will trigger reminder emails for both the contractor and the Client
Other client specific criteria During the implementation process we will discuss with you any specific requiremnts that you may have for your Contractors. Using the existing system we will establish which section of the system this specific criteria will be entered into and the level of compliance needed to meet the criteria.
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